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"Self-sabotage is simply putting a subconscious effort to stay exactly the same."

 Self-sabotage originates in the part of your brain called the subconscious mind and it reflects what is programmed into your nervous system. Not allowing yourself to lead healthy lifestyle despite craving change, continuing with addictions, or even attracting the same kind of people over and over again are all subconscious mechanisms in action.

Self-sabotage is often accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame as you watch yourself fall back into the old self-destructive patterns. Things will likely not change unless you learn the subtle language of your subconscious mind.

Over 90% of what you do, think and feel is generated by your subconscious. And because that part of your brain is linked to the survival instinct it can’t be overridden with willpower in the long run.

So, the trick is not to strongarm it, but to make it work for you. This program is about recoding the subconscious mind, so that you can create exactly what you want, on an autopilot.

Each day you are being programmed...

by the objects in your environment, what you see on tv and what you tell yourself. It works similarly to hypnosis and the beliefs you acquire in an unconscious way tend to create struggle and turmoil. The outdated perception can be weakened by spiritual work, embodiment practices, past life regression, meditation, psychotherapy, etc. I tried all of these practices and realized that it’s the belief that holds our world together and to change the experience we need to explore, understand and dissolve its source.

You are the focus

It's geared 100% towards you. We will be discussing your patterns and personalized ways to overcome them. We will also follow the pace that is best for you.

Science & Spirituality

This program is highly unique as it merges the understanding of science, psychology, and the spiritual aspects of you.

Simple solutions

You will learn easy to follow solutions as we will be targeting solely the mechanisms of the  subconscious mind.

Unlimited access

Because of the likely rapid transformation you will receive unlimited email access to me for the duration of the Program.

Reprogram yourself for a better life

Change will not come out of your current mindset as it is programmed to multiply past outcomes. That is why you need someone on the outside to guide you out of the current perceptual box.

This program consists of 4 parts to apply in 4 weeks. It's been developed based on my life-long perception studies and it targets the subconscious sphere.

Each course module is a stepping stone for your journey. Each contains clear guidance and solutions for an aspect of your transformation. 

After 4 weeks you will understand very well why all humans are prone to self sabotage and why we're all afraid to be our absolute best. You will receive personalized deprogramming protocols that fit your unique situation and mindset. You will also be able to help others reverse their self sabotaging patterns. 

I will be personally supporting you through the whole of your transformative process. 

Just think of what you want and we'll get it programmed into your subconscious mind.

Margaret Eliza Keays
[email protected]

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Screenshots from the Course

The Course contains videos, audios, awareness exercises, downloadable tools, short assignments.
All packaged to not overwhelm your mind, but to drive the point home. 

Kelly, Australia

Since doing the work with Margaret I have up leveled my life. I’m now surrounded by an amazing tribe who also help me to continue growing and achieving all that I can. Margaret has helped me to rewrite my brain to reflect ‘there’s nothing wrong” only an opportunity. The sessions were so powerful and often very emotional. Seeing where the pattern came from has allowed me to choose to let those go. I am grateful that I came across Margaret's work

Robin, Canada

My subconscious mind took it all in replacing fear with strength and determination. With every day in the program I noticed becoming more powerful, the guilt was losing its toxic grip, my focus became sharper, I made several, huge decisions in the areas of my long-term addiction and moving to another country. I moved to Mexico and am now living the life I've always dreamed of. It's still hard to believe, but it's true!

Tracey, California

WOW! I am completely different person from before I met Margaret The Universe has led me to her coaching program and within just the first week of deprograming, I began to feel different, to think differently. I eventually saw how I’ve been self-defeating for so many years! My perception shifted so much that I am now planning to start my own business. Margaret’s greatest skill was that she was not in telling me what to do but guided me on my own path.

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