Insider Info On How To Move To Mexico

Saturday 16 July, 2022

 In this information session Margaret and Evan provide you with a detailed roadmap for your Mexican relocation. They talk about what can you expect if you take that step. All practical information and easy to apply solutions in the 2h long presentation is  followed by a 2h long live Q&A session. The replay site contains comments section where you can ask your own questions.

Your relocation guide

Margaret Keays moved to Mexico from Canada in 2020 due to a growing concern about the increasing gov overreach. She has successfully settled in Mazatlan where she lives today. Margaret's background is corporate consulting in the area of management of change and personal coaching. At the beginning of 2020 Margaret moved her business online and in 2021 began offering her Mexico relocation services, first, to friends and acquaintances and then to the broader audience. She had assisted over 200 people in their relocations by providing practical information, creating personal strategies and emotional coaching.
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Event co-host

Evan Grekowicz – His friends and family refer to him as Mr. Adventure due to his extensive travels. Evan first explored the world as an airline pilot to then embark on an eye-opening sailing adventure. He spent 12 years on his 40-foot yacht in some most remote parts of the world. As an avid surfer and explorer he lived in Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Peru and Ecuador, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
He began his adventure with Mexico in 1986 and has lived in this beautiful country since 2013. Evan will share his unique insight and practical tips on topics such as safety, reality of living, driving in Mexico, etc.
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3 hottest Mexico relocation topics

  • Step-by-step paths to Mexican residency
  • Proven ways on how can you create safety for yourself and your family
  • Tips on how to find the optimal location that fulfills your needs


Practical details on

  • What you need to tend to BEFORE you leave
  • Banking, transferring large amounts of money
  • Driving in Mexico
  • Telephone, internet, schooling, coming with pets, driving through Mexico
  • The Mexican culture and best ways to blend in
  • How to come out of the decision freeze, drop the self-sabotage and do what is right for you